Top 11 macOS Mojave Features

For most of us, our smartphone is out best camera. And the Mac will now take better advantage of the iPhone’s camera. Here’s how.

HP EliteBook 830 G5 Reviewed

The HP EliteBook 830 G5 that we tested packs an Intel Core i7-8650U CPU with 8GB of RAM, and proved stutter-free even when we split the screen between a dozen Chrome tabs running Slack, Giphy, Google Docs and a 1080p YouTube video.

Alienware 17 R5 Review: The Best Gaming Laptop Gets Better

Back and louder than ever. Alienware's hinge-forward design makes room for a seriously improved audio system. Plus, the gaming performance is as sweet as ever.

Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy

Apple's Safari browser is going to help you protect your digital privacy. Here’s how.

The Tom's Guide 'Ask Me Anything' with Alienware

If you’ve got questions about the newest Alienware 15 and 17 laptops, we’ve got answers! Join our friends at Tom's Guide for a Q&A with Alienware’s Director of Product Development, Joe Olmstead! Drop us your questions before showtime tomorrow at 12pm EST.

Intel's Prototypes Show Your Dual-Screen Laptop Future

The future of computing is dual-touchscreen displays.

Asus VivoBook S15 Brings Color to Midrange Notebooks

Firmament Green is a laptop color that looks better than it sounds. Trust.

Top 11 macOS Mojave Features

Apple News, Stocks, Voice memos, and the Home apps are all coming to your MacBook.

Asus ZenBook S UX391 Has Cool Hinge, Pretty Colors

We give this pretty little hinge big points for beauty and elegant design.

The Best Time to Buy a Laptop

The best time to buy a new laptop is when students head back to school.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 Chip Gives Always-Connected PCs a Second Chance

Qualcomm’s new CPUs promise significant performance, battery life and connectivity gains. Of course, we’ve heard that before…

All of Our Favorite macOS Mojave Features

Messy desktops be damned. It’s MacOS Mojave to the rescue.

Best Walmart Deals Right Now

The best iOS tablet for digital hoarders has 128GB of storage space. We’re talking ‘bout the iPad mini 4 — and it’s on sale for $299 ($100 off) right now. Here’s how to get it.

FaceID Could Finally Be Coming to iPad

The iPad is going to become more like the iPhone.

FaceID Could Finally Be Coming to iPad

The iPad is going to become more like the iPhone.

Eureka! iOS 12 Simplifies Closing iPhone X Apps

Hallelujah! iOS 12 makes it easier to close apps on the iPhone X.

Asus’ New ZenBook Pros Have a Screen in the Touchpad

These laptops have a second screen. It's the touchpad.

Asus VivoBook S15 Brings Color to Midrange Notebooks

The new Asus VivoBook S15 comes in firmament green, star grey, silver blue, icicle gold, and gun metal.

Best 2-in-1s 2018 (Laptop/Tablet Hybrids)

Carbon fiber deck. Bright, InfinityEdge display. MagLev keyboard. These are the engineering touches that make the Dell XPS 15 the best-designed laptop/tablet combo.

Best Gaming Laptops 2018 (Including VR-Ready Gaming Laptops)

Based on our extensive testing — which includes shooting our way through all the top FPS titles — here are the best gaming laptops you can buy.

Best Windows 10 Themes

It's never too late to spruce up Windows.

The Best 4K Laptops

Writing on the HP Book x2 feels like writing on paper.

Top 11 macOS Mojave Features

Thank you, Apple. The Mac is getting a universal Dark Mode. Here are 11 other new features coming to MacBooks.

HP EliteBook 840 G5 Reviewed

Need something to survive your next work trip? Easy. The EliteBook 840 has gone through MIL-STD-810G certification, which means it can endure extreme humidity, extreme temperatures, vibration and high altitude.

Timeline Photos

We're watching Apple's #WWDC18 keynote live from San Jose, CA. Looks like Apple knows its MacBooks are pretty common fixtures at coffee shops.

Leaked macOS Photos Show Night Mode, Apple News

Want a sneak peak of how Apple's gonna change the Mac at WWDC today? A new leak revealed a few of the new features coming to the operating system.

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA Review

This 12.5-inch Chromebook lasts nearly 9 hours on a charge.

Asus Goes All-in with eSports with Strix and Scar II Gaming Laptops

The all-new Asus ROG Strix Hero II and Scar II laptops are designed for dedicated gamers who love MOBA and first-person shooter games.

The Best Time to Buy a Laptop

The best time to buy a new laptop is when students head back to school in the fall—and that’s just a month or two away.

Help Me, Laptop: How Should I Configure My MacBook Pro?

Reader geekyhobo321 needs a MacBook Pro for school but can’t decide between two non-upgradable configurations — 3.1-GHz Core i5 CPU,16GB of RAM for $1,999 or 3.5-GHz Core i7 with 8GB RAM for $2,099.

Help Me, Laptop: Which GPU-Display Combo Should I Get?

Reader xoxtrollstar asks: Is it worth getting a laptop with a more powerful GPU, even though the display tops out at 60 Hz? Or should they get the less-powerful graphics card and try to push the display to 120 Hz?

The Best Time to Buy a Laptop

The best time to buy a new laptop is when students head back to school in the fall—and that’s just a few month or two away. Check out Laptop for all the shopping advice you need.

Lenovo 500e Chromebook Reviewed: Great Battery Life, Dull Design

“It was difficult to enjoy a movie on the 500e Chromebook when I could see myself and everything else around me reflected in the glare.”

Lenovo's Great IdeaPad 710S Just Hit Lowest Price Yet

Lenovo's IdeaPad 710S Plus is a solid ultraportable that provides more bang for your buck than most mainstream laptops.

Intel Debuts Coffee Lake Mobile CPUs: What You Need to Know

Coffee Lake—a.k.a Intel's latest CPUs—make laptops faster, more efficient, and better power managers (so your battery lasts). If you’re buying a new laptop without these improved CPUs — you might be missing out.

Best Laptops of 2018 - Windows Laptops, Chromebooks and Macs

The Yoga 920's biggest selling point could be its stunning design. The watchband-style hinge adds a level of elegance you won't find on other convertibles.

Apple's iPad Mini 4 Is Now $100 Off

With 128GB of storage out-the-box, Apple’s iPad mini 4 is a better deal than the newer 32GB iPad, especially when you get it for $100 off.

The Best Refurbished Laptop Deals Right Now

Say it with us: "Refurbished doesn't mean 'bad'."

Help Me, Laptop! I Need a Good Desktop Replacement

We’ve got good news and bad news for a Laptop reader who wants a 15- to 17-inch laptop with a 1080p screen, 1TB storage, and a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card for under $1,000.

The Best Time to Buy a Laptop

Laptop Shopping Tip #218: Use a price-history like CamelCamelCamel to see when the cost of a laptop you’re eyeing dropped or climbed. We explain in the “How to Know if You’re Getting a Good Deal” section here:

Laptop Buying Guide: 8 Essential Tips

Laptop Shopping Tip #304. If you’re going to take your laptop anywhere at all, look for a system with 8 hours of battery life or more.

HP: 2018 Brand Report Card

HP knows how to make a pretty laptop. Almost every machine is a stunner. Pair that with excellent customer support for technical problems and you’ve got our #2 best laptop maker for the year.

Acer: 2018 Brand Report Card

Need an Acer computer serviced under warranty? Acer won't cover the cost of shipping to its facilities.

Lenovo Readying Sequel to Weirdest Laptop Ever

Lenovo's weird, touchscreen-keyboard laptop is getting new life.

Lenovo 500e Chromebook Review

For $309, you're not getting a Ferrari, you're getting your mom's old beat-up convertible.

New Chrome 67 Out Now: Password-Free Logins and More

Chrome 67 lets you skip the passwords — but not without some set up.

Samsung: 2018 Brand Report Card

As it stands, Samsung’s small line-up of laptops are the least-attractive in the industry.

The Tom’s Guide USB Swag Giveaway

Our buds over at Tom’s Guide are giving away 10 USB hubs for free. Read on to enter!

Acer Swift 3 (Ryzen, 2018) Review

The Acer Swift 3’s color reproduction isn’t great for movies. It produces a mere 72 percent on the sRGB spectrum. The average across all the premium laptops we’ve tested is 113 percent.

MacBook Pro 2018 Rumors: New Report Tips June 4 Launch

Will Apple announce new MacBooks at next week’s WWDC 2018 event?

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